About the Website

This website is dedicated to telling the story, along with providing documentation for students and historians, of the Mendez et al v Westminster et al court case. This website has been sponsored by the Ramirez family and other family members from the five families. In putting this website together, we have done our best to use original documents for our source material whenever possible.

Our goal in making this website is to be able to spread this story of these five families and their heroic efforts to desegregate the schools of Orange County. We would also like to help historians, educators, and students realize that this case was an important precedent for Brown versus Board of Education.

In addition to providing information from original source materials, and documents for download, we would also like to tell as much of the personal stories as we can from members of the five families. Feel free to look at the individual pages for each of the five families and learn a little bit more about the parents and the children involved in the case. If anyone has information that they would like added to this website; articles, photos, or court documents, please feel free to contact us so we can meet and facilitate the presentation of those documents.

This website is operating as a not-for-profit enterprise, and will not be monetized in any way. This website is funded by contributions from the Ramirez family, and any other contributions will be gratefully welcome. Please contact Antonio Ramirez, who acts as a treasurer for this website, if you would like to make a donation to the support of this website.